Monday, November 15

Lets start off Random

I thought as my first advice post I would make it totally random tips I have picked up to reflect the total randomness that is my life.
1. Go to class—I know you don’t believe me, but really, that’s like 50 pts toward your average. Teachers give out tips on what will be on the test, lecture notes are always asked about on tests, and lots of zeros on pop quizzes can kill your average.
2. Use a swimsuit to get deodorant off clothes—you put on a black shirt and then realize you got some white deodorant marks on it? Pull out your swimsuit and rub it on it. Presto!!
3. Buy gas a few days before the weekend you go home—They always jack up the prices for the weekend, so get it while its cheap in the middle or beginning of the week. Check prices in your area at
4. Try not to take yourself too seriously—When I get overwhelmed and upset, just look at the big picture. You are so blessed to get to go to college and get your education. (which is the gateway to success) Remember all the things you are good at and that you love when everything seems to be falling apart. (I’ll post a whole post about this later)

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