Friday, February 11

How Single Girls Love Valentine's Day :D

One of the things that I have to love my momma for is that she always gave me and my 4 siblings gifts on Valentine's Day. This may not seem like a big deal, but growing up with the idea that Valentine's Day is about celebrating those you love and not just a significant other has really saved me a lot of grief. My mother taught me that you have friends who love you, a family that adores you, and you are living the life you love, so CELEBRATE love in your life on valentine's day!

 But if you are still in a slump, here are some ways to kick those bad vibes to the curb.

1. Buy yourself something nice. You have been working so hard and exams are about to pile up, so reward yourself for being diligent so far and motivate yourself to keep pushing till Spring Break.

2. Give your best single girlfriends something cute and personal. Making them feel special will help boost their spirits and in return will boost yours.

3. If you have close single guy friends (who won't take it the wrong way) buy them something silly and cutesy. Maybe write on it how much you love hanging with them. My very good friend RW's girlfriend is in Rome this semester and he misses her tons, so I'm going to get him something for V-day to try to cheer him up.

4. Remind yourself you are amazing and you are not going to settle for some lame boy. You are waiting for a man great enough to deserve your time and until you find each other, enjoy rockin' the single life!!

Let V-day this year be about those you love <3

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