Tuesday, March 15

Supermodels Who Aren’t Superthin

I have had this posts in drafts for a while because I was not sure how to write up about a picture article I found. But now I decided to just do what I can and encourage you to click the link to the actual page at glamour.com and check out the rest of the pictures. 

This is from a picture slideshow with captions about each of the beautiful women in the photos. All about how plus size models are gorgeous and healthy.

My favorite picture is this one. The media seems to think only stick thin people can rock a bikini. Not so.

They also talk about previous eating disorders, getting their masters degree, and life of a model.
How do you feel about the media's portrayal of women's bodies? How much do you love these awesome plus size models?


  1. Thanks very much! I appreciate this post, also.

  2. Now *these* are real women. I can look at them and not feel like I have to go on a diet or starve myself for a week. I wish they wouldn't categorize them as "plus-size" models though, because it's like they're saying, even though these women are models, they're the fat versions. :( Thanks for sharing!


  3. yeah, we shouldn't be pigeonholed, because conforming to a stereotype is so stressed for people who are not 90x60x90.

  4. it's too much because it's not how most women are. I think these are real women and real women have curves!

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  6. great post. i think these models are just as gorgeous as thin models. i do think the media pays too much attention to the stick thin waif...not such a healthy influence on our young ones. healthy is the key word, not skinny.


  7. great post
    I'm glad that finally people are waking up to the reality that real women with real bodies are beautiful, all of these models look happy and healthy and that is what should be portrayed in the media

  8. Gday from your newest follower!

    I love your blog and the issues you raise particularly this one. You're right about the portrayal of media with a womans figure. A woman should really be confident with her curves because thats what makes the woman figure sexy!

    Follow me too!


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