Wednesday, March 23

You know you're in College when...sday

When you have to make strange substitutes when it comes to completing a recipe.

 JT and I had our hearts set on noodles with alfredo sauce for lunch the other day but we had no milk, which the alfredo powder recipe required. Franticly, we texted neighbors and friends searching for a 1 1/2 cups of milk with no avail. We didn't want to run to the store so searching the fridge, we found rice milk and used that. It turned out great! :P

It reminds me of the time I used margarita salt on my mac and cheese because its the only kind of salt we had.


  1. This made me laugh -- I'm always using random ingredients to substitute for missing ones. x) At least this one turned out to be a success!

    - Caroline (

  2. This post makes me feel so hungry =)
    Neat post

    My Lyfe ; My Story


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