Sunday, April 10

Free the Fridge Fried Rice

My actual stove with my concoction. YUM!
There are a lot of odds and ends in my fridge right now. What to do with all that? MAKE AWESOME FRIEND RICE!

Bowls had frozen veggies, scrambled eggs,
and cooked onions in it. I added them
right in just like in those cooking shows. 
1. Cook about 2 cups in a rice cooker, or boil it, no big.

2. Anything you want to put in that is not cooked yet, cook that first. So scramble an egg for lots of protein, bake that single chicken breast left in the bag, or pull the last bits of ham off that pig leg your roommate's dad bought you a week ago. Once cooked, cut it into bite size peices.

3. Collect random left overs. Get together the last of the bags of frozen peas/carrots/broccoli/green beans, pretty much any veggies you have will go great in your rice. Maybe fry up the other half of the onion left over from last night's dinner.

4. Put it all in the pan. The meats, egg, veggies, and then rice on medium heat.

5. Push it all around and warm it all up. Add soy sause.... maybe like a 4th cup? I usually just eye ball it till the rice is the right color. But just test it along the way and make sure it doesnt get too salty.

6. Season to your liking. Onion powder? Garlic powder? or better yet some chopped garlic. Dash of pepper? Go with what ya feel and just keep tasting it after you add the new ingredient.

Rock those chopsitcks!

7. WAHLAH! once its all heated up, enjoy with chopsticks if you are into that. Now your fridge is cleaned out some and there will probably be some left overs and that means you have lunch for the rest of the week! SUPER!

What recipe do you use to free up room in the fridge? Do you end up throwing a lot of left overs away? Ever tried mac and cheese in a rice cooker? I did :D

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  1. that looks yummy. x

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway on my blog right now for studded denim shorts from runway dreamz if you'd like to check it out. xx


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