Saturday, April 2

Tried the Three Twisted Buns

I can't remember how I found this post by Cup of Joe, but I really liked the idea of a new hairstyle to try!

You just divide the hair into three equal parts

Twist the right piece counter clockwise and then pin it in place. Then twist the middle piece clockwise and lastly the left piece clockwise. And Whalah!

I don't think it turned out quite as well as her's did. I was in a hurry that morning and don't have as shiny hair as her, but I kinda liked how it turned out.

Pics aren't quite as fancy as hers, but I had to take it down to go to work and no one was home. So the mirror had to do. :P

What easy hair styles do you love to rock? I would love to hear from you gorgeous ladies and maybe get a few new ideas. :D Have a great rest of your weekend!

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