Tuesday, November 23

Five Things You Need to Bring to College You May Not Think Of

1. Clothes hangers- To hang stuff up in your closet, its very difficult to do with them.
2. Hot Glue Gun- god’s gift to those with a tight budget or minimal crafty skills.
3. Air Borne- Buy a thing of it and take it when you start to feel a bit sick each day until your better. This will cut down drastically on the time you are sick.
4. Rain boots/jacket/umbrella- Walking to class forces you to deal with the elements for much longer time then you may be used to.  Showing up to class soaked or with wet shoes is not fun.
5. Insurance Card- You will probably get sick, and may need to go to the university clinic or the doctor/hospital. This is something you don’t want to have to call your parents about at who knows what time of day. A girl who lived across the hall from me got 3rd degree burns on her hand at like 1 in the morning when she put a PB&J uncrustable in the microwave.

What did you realize you needed once you moved out that you didn't have?

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