Sunday, November 21

Thanksgiving Packing Tips

So most of us are going home for thanksgiving and a few of my friends have the whole week off, but I only have Wednesday –Friday free, though I'm leaving on Tuesday after class. Well anyway I am a minimalist, but when it comes to clothes, I tend to pack too much because of my need for variety. But inspired by Minimal Student’s holiday post, I am going to try to pack very little because
            It makes transport easy.
            I don’t loose things while I’m at home.
            I feel awesome for not packing much and using versatile items to give my life variety.

So I have made a list of what I am bringing for 6 days of feasting joy.
1. Toiletries
2. Makeup
3. TIghts
4. Three Dresses
5. one shirt
6. One skirt
7. Two tank Tops
8. Underwear
9. Big Jacket and light jacket
10. Black Boots and Black Flats
Thats not a very small list is it? 

What are you packing to go home? More? Less?

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