Tuesday, November 30

How to Survive Community Washing Machines

An the joyous topic of don't your own laundry in community washers that take quarters. If you have moved out of this phase in your life, congrats. To those of you who haven't, I'm right here with ya. And with a few tidbits I have gathered. 
  • Soda machines will take dimes and nickels, but when you punch the return your change button, it will usually give you it back in quarters (same with a dollar)
  • The dryers hold more then the washers, so if you need to do 2 washer loads, you can put all of it in a dryer
  • Make SURE you clean the lint thing in the dryer
  • My mom got me these two in one washer sheets, its washer soap and then you put it in the dryer with the clothes and it’s a dryer sheet, WAAAY better then hauling a jug of detergent with the two tons of clothes you have dirtied in the month its been since you did laundry
  • The more underwear you have, the longer you can go between washes, just putting that out there. 
  • Always check your pockets before doing laundry. Many a good phone/ipod/sheet of notes/drill charts have been lost to the waters of the washer.
How much do you love lugging your laundry to a room down the hall or street? Have any other tips for making this process less of a hassle?

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