Sunday, November 28

Study Tips

You probably know or have been told a million ways to study or tips for remembering information, but I felt I couldn’t go on as a college blog without at least one post about studying. So with finals coming up I thought now is the best time.

Break up large projects into chunks. This has saved me more then once when all of a sudden I have a million things to do the day before a 5-page research paper was due or 150 pages of a book needed to be read. I usually write on a sheet of notebook paper what I have to accomplish that week with the days of the weeks written on it. I write which chunk I will do each day and it makes everything more easily accomplished. Plus when you sit down to do homework, it will be easier to start focusing instead of feeling overwhelmed by the looming due dates.

Study somewhere with few distractions. This is the productivity killer. I have an understanding with my roommates that none of us ever close out bedroom doors unless they can’t come in. So my door is always open unless I am changing, sleeping, or studying. They know not to come in or bother me if I’m hold up in there. I also give myself the rule that I cannot get on facebook until I finish everything I need to accomplish. I keep my desk clear of everything except my MacBook, a cup of pens/pencils/highlighters, and whatever paper or book I’m using at the moment.

POMODORO! My newest best friend. Pomodoro is Italian for tomato. I’m not sure what that has to do with time management, but I don’t really mind. Its kinda fun to say. So basically, you get a sheet of paper, write out what you want to accomplish in a list. Then set your timer for 25 minutes. You work on your first task for that 25 minutes. No getting up to check something, no chatting with roommates, no facebook, and no email. If you think of something you need to do, write it down on your paper and take care of it after your pomodoro. So once the 25 min is up you get a 5 min break. I usually hope on facebook or check out Yes and Yes. After your break you start another 25 minute pomodoro. Its so fantastic. If you want more information about it you can go to the official site and read more into it.  You can download the pomodoro timer that talks to you and keeps you on track. (Which is what I have) :D 

Go to the Library. If all else fails you could definitely hit up the library for a quiet study space. Though I have heard that it can get kinda noisy around finals time. (I've never been) But if you go into almost any building on campus, there will be study spaces sprinkled around the various floors. Go on an adventure for the study space grail that no one knows about!

Where do you like to study? What do you do to stay productive? How do you deal with chatty roommates?

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