Friday, November 19

Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Recently my amazing mother bought me a few pairs of super cute tights and some knee high boots. But I scratched a hole in my new favorite pair of tights when getting out of a desk yesterday. AAAHHH!!! Luckily I know a trick to keep that hole from becoming an ugly run. And some other ideas about how to make your clothes last longer.

Nail polish for runs in tights- Use clear nail polish all around the hole and on the sides of the hole. Usually easiest to do while wearing them. This seals the nylon in place and the hole shouldn't get any bigger. But don't let the polish dry onto your leg if you apply while wearing them.
Hot glue for broken stuff- Hot glue is your best friend. Fix that strap on your gladiators, put the bow back on the toe of your flats, or a million other things.

Sew buttons back on yourself- When a button falls off that cheap Forever 21 jacket you love, don't dispair. Sewing buttons is SUPER easy. has become my recent best friend, and in this video they show ya how to do it.

Cut the bottom of your pant let when they get gross- If you are short like me, you know that jeans are always too long. So when the bottom of my pants are all torn up from me walking on them all the time. I just cut all the extra frayed thread off and make it look all clean again and now I don't need to throw them away. I could probably hem bottom, but I dont have a sewing machine or the desire to.

Don’t put bras in the dryer- its stretches the elastic and makes them get all flimsy and saggy sooner. Just hang them up once you wash them. But maybe not somewhere where the boys who come to your house can see :P
Don’t get your shoes wet- My first semester of college I didn't own rain boots. BIG MISTAKE. The first time it rained while I was on the way to class, I got my favorite black flats totally soaked. Within a few weeks of wearing them after they dried they were ruined and I had to throw them away. So invest in rain boots and keep your shoes dry.

Redesign too big or free t-shirts into something fabulous- I got 10 free t-shirts at a function on campus on Tuesday and now am determined to turn them all into something cute and wearable, maybe even party attire. So I purchased Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-Shirt by Megan Nicolay which has great reviews and I have watched a few Threadbanger specials on her. And it was four bucks on amazon. But if you are cheap like you, you can just google redesigning t-shirts or t-shirts made into a halter. Information is everythere! So don’t let those XXL school spirit shirts they throw at you at football games go to waste!

What tricks do you have that helps you get your moneys worth or more out of your clothes?

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  1. Hey Lauren,

    I got your message on my blog, sorry for the late reply!

    I totally agree with you about the sewing of the pants. I hand sewed the hem of my jeans during an episode of Grey's Anatomy, it was actually quite enjoyable and the results aren't so bad! It definitely got rid of the 'gross-ness' of it, and now they're looking almost new again :)

    Keep up the great work!


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