Sunday, December 5

Random Tip of the Day

You can refill your gallon of water for a quarter! If you dislike the faucet water where you go to school like me. You may have started buying bottled water. This isn't super expensive, but the empty bottles fill up the room fast and it makes me feel a bit wasteful. So once I got one of those refillable, metal water bottles my room mate and I started buying water by the gallon. Which is cheaper then by the bottle we figured. (Never pay more then a dollar for a gallon of water) But then you still have to get rid of these empty gallons of water and buy more. BUT WAIT! If you go to one of those water stations that they have outside of grocery stores. You can put in a quarter and get a whole gallon of water refilled. Its pretty magical.

Hope everyone is having a productive last week of class!

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