Sunday, January 9

Advice on First Day Seating

1. Get there about 5 min before class starts—so not all the seats are taken but a good number of people are there
2. Pick the area of the room you want—front row, back row, somewhere in the middle, by the door, whatever strikes your fancy, just choose the part of the room that will make you the most happy
3. Sit next to the cutest boy/girl in that area- just scan the area you have chosen and instead of sitting a seat away from everyone else, sit right next to the cutest person there. They may think its a bit off, but they will have forgotten all about it once the class fills up. 
4. Talk to them!- Once you sit and set all your stuff down, casually ask the cutie you sat next to how they are doing or something of that nature. Maybe ask why they are in the class, their major/year/favorite color. Plenty of easy introduction conversation questions. People love to talk about themselves.
5. Explain yourself if necessary-  I usually follow that up by telling them that I hate classes that are all quiet on the first day, so I always talk to the people around me. 

It is always best of have at least one person in each of your classes' phone number or email address. Then if you miss a day and need info on homework or a quiz the next class, you have someone to ask. (this is a great trick for getting that cutie's number) text them after class a few days later commenting on how crazy/cool/hard/fun the class is.

What are your goals for the first day of class?

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