Tuesday, January 11

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I hope everyone had a great Christmas break! I know I did. Before we continue to get back into the normal swing of things, I thought I would post some links to show what I have been reading/loving/drooling over all break.

I love the Fashion Inspiration posts on CollegeFashion. There is Part 1 and Part 2 of the Nintendo inspiration.

Some very creative and amazing ladies who can do a million different things with one scarf!

This is a post all about gypsies and gypsy movies. I wish I could find them on VHS!!!

Yes and Yes has a ongoing "True Story" series and this is one I found super interesting! Its about a woman who had an abortion.

Ok. I was literally crying and having trouble breathing because I was laughing so hard at this. My sister was in the room and all I could do was motion to the computer and try to explain between gasps for breath that I was just reading something funny and not dying. I know it’s lengthy, but totally worth it!

Moustaches. Why can’t I have one? (Never have a naked upper lip)

BENTO BOXES!!! I’m not much of a “buy stuff” person. But I really want one of these. Or maybe I will fashion one out of different sized tupperwear. 

I had trouble choosing just one of her posts to link you to, but this one is one of my recent favorites. Check out her whole site for a daily boost  :D

This is a really insightful and helpful post about promoting positive body image to the women around you.

Lastly, this whole blog cracks me up and she is SO CUTE. But my favorite posts I have found so far are called Dear Menz. She asks men silly and serious questions about relationships and life.

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