Friday, January 21

Ode to the Weight of Knowledge

My backpack is SO heavy this semester. This is because I have to go to Spanish everyday of the school week with my textbook. Though I am not so happy about that, I am doing my best to keep packing my backpack from taking up any of my precious time. This is how I stay efficient even between homework assignments:

1. Get home from class and try to start homework right away.

2. Decide what class to work on and pull my supplies from my backpack or shelf.

3. Once finished with that subject, I put everything back, either into my backpack or on my shelf. That way I am slowly packing my backpack as I work. Since I will have to move my spanish workbook and spiral off my desk anyway, I just put them back in my backpack instead of moving them to the floor and having to move them to my backpack later.

4. Get distracted by JT lying on the floor and photograph her as she fits herself into the linen cupboard. ß(I called JT from another room to ask how to spell this)

5. Return to homework a little while later, after helping make dinner and eating delicious meatball subs with broccoli. :D (great job SH and JS!)

6. Continue working and shifting things until all my homework for the next day is finished and my backpack is ready for class the next day. This means the stuff I don't need is neatly out of the way and in its proper place.

7. Wake up the next morning with just enough time to get ready; snag my bag, my coat, and a fiber bar; and run out the door.

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