Sunday, January 16

So Much Time! Things to do with it.

What to do with yourself when you feel like you should be super busy, but because classes aren’t at full workload capacity yet, you have more time on your hands then normal?
As I got into the first week of classes, I found myself with less homework then I’m used to and more time on my hands then I knew what do to with. So what was I going to do with myself? These are some things that are productive and will help you stay sane for the semester.

1. Unpack. Completely. It will much easier to concentrate on the bit of homework you have with everything in its correct place.
2. Bond with the roommates. I know I was super happy to see JT and SH when I got back so I have been chatting with them swapping stories from the break.
3. Set up a good routine for homework. I have been trying to work on my stuff right when I get home from class. Taking a break after class from thinking may sounds like a good idea, but when you are already in think mode, its super easy to focus in on the Spanish vocab and get a lot of stuff done before everyone else gets back from class. If you start a routine now with a small workload, as things pick up it will be easier to stick with it because you have been doing it all semester.
4. Cook an amazing dinner. Or look up good recipes online for later in the semester when things get crazy.  I called my mom and got a great teriyaki chicken recipe that my roomies LOVED. :D Don’t forget to invite a few of the boys you haven’t seen yet over for dinner, they will love it and you all can catch up!
5. Hang up that pile of clothes on the floor or clean your room/kitchen/bathroom. If things got crazy at the end of last semester and everyone left without cleaning, now would be the perfect time to get the kids you live with together and really clean everything. It means you won’t have to do it later when things are busy and it’s a good fresh start to the semester.

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