Friday, January 14

Picking a Major is Perplexing

As many realize when they meet me, I am quite unconventional. I have known what I wanted to major in since the summer before I came to Baylor and have not changed yet. Though I have taken some exploritoty classes and added 2 minors over the 3 semesters I have been here so far. But when people ask me what I am going to do with a sociology major, I tell them I have no idea. I could explain my reasonings to you, or I could show you a reading I did today for an english class that articulates many of the points I believe in much better then I could. I  know its kind of long, but its very informative and interesting.

He talks about the pressures associated with choosing a major, the reasons you shouldn't choose a major right away because you don't need to, and why your education is not training for a specific job, but preparing to live in a changing world. It is to teach you how to use your wit to solve new problems and that your major doesn't lock you into a single profession. He says, 
"Education is what prepares you to hear more when you listen, to reach deeper when you think,  to say more when you speak."
After trying to post the pages I read, I just found an online PDF. It looks long but the font is huge.

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