Tuesday, February 8

Lost phone survival

When you loose or break your phone and have to get a new one, it can be tricky to keep in touch with people and prevent yourself from falling off the map during the limbo time when you are without a phone. Here are a few tricks to staying sane and connected. (In order of importance)

1. Make your facebook status that you don’t have a phone and that people need to contact you through fb. For the whole time you don’t have a phone, post what you want but always end with that fact that you don’t have a phone, that way people will figure it out.

2. Be proactive about contacting people to make plans. If you have to wait for them to get onto facebook it may be tricky to stay in the know and hear about everything going on. So make the plans to go to dinner or the zoo yourself and invite people.

3. Text people from your computer. If you have a mac book, get on ichat, and click “Add Buddy” then when it asks for am AIM username put in the person’s phone number. But be sure to include your country’s code first, their digits. (US is +1) If you are on a Windows computer, go to Meebo.com and open an aim account. Meebo lets you use aim without downloading the yucky software. Do the same as above, add a buddy and put in their number.

4. From there these programs you can instant msg people from your computer to their phone. It’s a text! FO FREE! They receive it just like a text msg and can reply to the number its sent from. Just make sure to let them know who you are when you send the initial text.

5. Wear a watch. Trust me, now knowing what time it is will really mess with your head. So when you get the impulse to check your phone every few minutes, just look at your watch. Don’t feel bad, our whole generation has picked up this habit and having a watch to look at will help prevent you from feeling like your missing something all day. (Just be careful how much you do it or people will think you need to leave to be somewhere else)

6. Lastly, to keep yourself sane, know when you are getting your new phone. Work right away to get a replacement, borrow a friend’s old one or something so you can have something to look forward to and not be in an abyss of disconnection.

What do you do when you don't have a phone? What's the longest you have gone without?


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