Friday, February 4

The Versatile Blogger Award!

So doing the only thing I have been taught, I researched this award and intend on reporting back what I have learned. I did this by looking at the people who have previously received it. This is what I have uncovered about this ancient and widely revered award which I am now honored to receive.

After EXTENSIVE research...I clicked on the blogger that gave it to the blogger before me, and then a couple more blogs back and discovered that there are 4 rules one must follow upon accepting this award and then the trail of information went mysteriously cold.

But putting aside my linear thinking tendencies, I am so flattered to be thought of when someone wants to pass on an award! Thanks so much Rio! She is a super interesting kid who goes to school in Liverpool. I love to check in on her blog to see what strange thing happened to her that day or her Sexy Sundays. You should totally go tap that. Her blog that is.

 So there are 4 rules that I will be competing.

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award. Check.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Pass it along to 7 blogs you have recently discovered and enjoy.
4. Leave your recipient a note, telling them about the award.

So lets see...7 things about myself that you all may not already know. :D

1. One of my best friends and I have the same birthday, making us both Leo's. We love to look up info on our zodiac sign and talk about how alike we are. It is so funny because I always knew I was a social butterfly, but Leo's planet is the Sun. Representing the center of the universe. Haha we love how accurate all that seems to be. :D

2. I don't like to wear pants. I would rather wear a skirt/dress e'ry day of my life! (pronounced like you grew up in the ghetto :P )

3. I love having tons of friends who aren't white because I am white and bland and lack cultural background. So I soak up all I can from these great guys. (Once when I was naming the people I was about to go hang out with, Alejandra, Seetha, Donny...etc; my dad asked me if I had any white friends. HAHA I just laughed and shook my head)

4. I am currently working on training my body to be polyphasic. Which means you split up the sleep you need each day into chunks. There are crazy hard ones like sleeping for 20 min 5 times a day. But right now I just sleep for 6 hrs at night and take a 30 min nap after lunch. (I like to call it my sleep party--SIESTA!)

5. I don't like spicy adult toothpaste. I have used the same brand of kid toothpaste for as long as I can remember. My roommates call it my baby toothpaste. Its the aquafresh bubble mint stuff that comes in a container that stands up and you push down the little lever to get the toothpaste to come out. And the toothpaste comes out in 3 different colors!! lol I can't really describe it well can I? Here's a picture. 

Ok there is a pump that lets it come out slowly, I guess to stop kids from getting it everywhere. hahaha. I know, I'm 5 years old.

6. I have a mac computer. I bought for myself after I graduated from high school with the money I had been saving up over the times I had a job.

7. Lastly, I don't like to take medication, I think the flu shot is a joke, and I refuse to use hand sanitizer. I won't get into the reasons why I am this way, but thats how it is.

Now who to give this lovely award to?? 
In no particular order:

1. Sea of Shoes. I am ridiculously obsessed with shoes and I love all the ones she photographs. Also her pictures are beautiful.

2. Smiles Go With Everything. Her bento box friday always has me freaking out and promising the wind that I will go buy one for the one day a week I bring my lunch with me to class. Though I have yet to do that, I am also working on making my lunches as beautiful has her. So far they usually consist of a turkey and cheese sandwich, some organic teddy graham equivalents shaped like bunnies, and a bag of grapes.

3. The Girl Who Married A Bear. My family is from Finland so I was initially interested in this fascinating lady because of that, but I also like her gypsy-esk style and super interesting posts. Her blog is named after her favorite childhood story. (though I have never heard this one, I decided I had to figure out what my favorite one was, and I decided its "The Seven Brothers" I think I'll have to do a post about it)

4. Disarming Darling. She also has a gypsy-esk style that I admire and seems to do it so effortlessly. Why not me? haha <3

5. Pull Your Socks Up. Can I just say role model? She is rockin' crazy looks that she loves and her attitude of not caring that it may not be conventional is so inspiring! I hope to one day have confidence like that. I also love the looks she pulls off so its win-win-win-win all around.

6. What I Wore Today. This funky fun lady has been giving me great fashion ideas for years! Ok maybe only since like this summer but whatever. I have worn 2 pairs of tights on many an occasion and layer stuff over dresses all the time now because I'm currently sick of all my skirts. All these ideas and MORE come from this great fashion blog.

7. Agent Lover. Top notch 90's movie reviews. Insights on what boys are thinking. Amazing vintage clothes. All this on a colorful and sparkly blog that is like cocaine for your eyes. 

Again thanks so much and I hope you all go check out these super amazing blogs and get inspired!

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