Tuesday, March 29

The pep talk you need when your stressed.

I don't usually let the pressures of school and life get to me, but the other day I was literally freaking out so bad I couldn't focus on what I was trying to study. So I made myself some tea and gave myself a pep talk involving most of these things.

1. Put your situation into perspective. How much does this test/quiz/presentation/reading really count toward your grade? In the grand scheme of things, how big a deal is it if you get a B or C in this class? D stands for Diploma after all. I'm not saying you should stop caring and shoot low, but when there are a lot of things on your plate at once, its best to do what you can and let a few things slip so you can finish other tasks and get at least some sleep. 

2. You are so smart. If its a presentation, an essay, or something with a bit more leeway to the answers then I remind yourself that you are smart enough to bull shit a portion of this presentation/essay and for a bit you have the ability to fake the fact that you don't know what you're talking about. Just know that you are smart enough and wiley enough to talk yourself out of a situation.

3. Worrying about it and stressing yourself sick is not going to help. At a few points in my stressful night, I was so worried I couldn't focus. Being worried about how little time you have, so much so that you can't get anything done, is the definition of being counter-productive. I remind myself that all this worrying isn't going to make the problem go away or make me work any faster, so I just have to calm down and focus in. 

4. Organize your thoughts or tasks with a list. When I get overwhelmed I write out everything I have to do in order of importance and write to the side when it needs to be done by. Then I can sit down and start working on what I know is most crucial to finish. And you know how good it feels to cross something very important off a list :D

5. Take a break when you deserve it. Make some you time to reward yourself for getting so much done so far. This has to be away from the computer and not working on anything else. JT says to take a shower for an extra 10 min and just make that time about you, your shower, and your thoughts. Maybe take a walk or sing one of your favorite songs. Have lunch with a friend in a different field then you and don't talk about school work.

Most of all, try to keep calm and carry on. 
Everything will be ok and you will come out
 on the other side of this triumphant.

What do you do to chill yourself out when you are stressin? How to you spend your break time? What stresses you out? I love comments and would love to hear from you! :D

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