Sunday, March 13

Remove, Cover, and Deal with "bruises" (Part 2-Cover)

A friend of my recently went a bit cray-cray with her bf and later found herself with a couple scandalous looking hickeys. This is not a post to condone or judge this practice. Some enjoy the administering or the receiving and others do not. In my travels I have found both kinds of people and I do not feel the need to voice my particular opinion. I hope only to stay neutral.

In this installment of my "bruises" post series, we will be discussing covering up these lovely marks. Part One Remove. Though some see them as no big deal or as proof they had a good time, others are less likely to be thrilled that you look like you were attacked by some Vampire Bears. 

1. Put foundation on it. This is probably the most obvious of suggestions. One problem that arrises though, is that spots of foundation on your neck stand out and make your skin look splotchy. The trick is to put a light layer of foundation over your whole neck, the dab extra foundation on the purple/red spots til you can't see them anymore. 

Sometimes this is not enough or you may not have access to foundation at the time. So there are a few other things to try. And lucky for those hickey receivers, current fashion trends are working in your favor.

2. SCARVES are so hot right now. And they go all over your neck, a strategically placed scarf can save face if you have to go straight from the house you passed out at to lunch with your mother/professor/straight edge friend. The great thing about this is that even if its warm where you live, you can still rock this look. 

Stylish Summer Scarf Tricks

The trick is to get a light weight scarf that is bright, summer colors.

3. Fashion your hair to cover them up. Can be tricky if you have short hair or if you were gunna rock an up-do to hide how messy your locks got. But when in a hurry or in a tight jam it may be easier to run fingers through your hair or just do a half up do and make a conscious effort to keep your hair in front of your shoulders. 

4. Shirts or other tops to cover it up. Perhaps a collared shirt, a t-shirt, or a halter that can be strategically placed. 

5. Turtlenecks- a last resort. Perhaps a cowl-neck will be less 1980's.

What do you do to cover those pesky hickeys? Do you show them off as trophies? Every been called out on having one?

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