Thursday, March 3

Minimal Packing for a Stress free Spring Break

For those of you who are going somewhere warm for they week off, I have a few tips to keep your suitcase light and your trip carefree. The fewer things your need to keep track of the better, and extra room in a suitcase means room to bring home souvenirs and cute local boys.

Remember you will only be gone for 5-7 days. Not three months. So you need 7-8 outfits TOPS.
This is just a template, switch items to match your style and Spring Break needs.

1. Start with basics.
The Formula: days you will be there + 1 = # of undies to bring. May want to make a few of them your sexy undies, to give a an extra reminder that your hot stuff. Then one regular bra and a few socks if necessary. Hopefully you won't even need to put on a shirt over your bathing suit for the week, let alone put on real shoes.

2. One very versatile skirt that can be worn at your low waist, natural waist, and as a strapless dress is ideal, but otherwise just a versatile skirt. Then a basic cotton dress that you need a cami/tank top under. That is the extent of the bottom wear I will be bringing, but for the less hard core, bring a 2nd skirt and maybe some jean shorts.

3. A couple tank tops will do ya good to go with the skirt and under the dress, then a couple dressy/sexy tops for evening get togethers to pair with shorts or your skirt. You don't wanna look like a beach bum when you arrive at the party those nice boys down the street invited you too.

4. A bathing suit, cover up, and sandals. All your outfits should go with the sandals that will also double as your beach shoes. Then a pair of cuter flip flops or some strappy heels for evening wear.

5. Belts, jewlery, scarves, or other accesories to make each outfit unique.

I would have added pictures but I'm on a forgein computer and windows are not so user friendly.
Hope everyone has a safe and fun spring break!

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