Thursday, April 7

Realistic Rejection Remedies

Whether it is by a boy, girl, friend, sorority, job, or other group. Getting rejected is rough. I was recently denied entrance to a group on campus for various reasons and the leaders and I realized that it was not a good fit. Though I understand why the decision was made, I was still really bummed out. This is what I did to prevent a mess melt down or moping for hours.

1. Take a walk and clear your head, take some deep breaths, try not to melt down.

1.5. This doesn't mean you are any less incredible! I thought about the reasons why it would not work out and I told myself that just because my qualities don't match up with what they are looking for, doesn't mean my qualities are bad. I told myself that I love my traits, quirks, faults, and pastimes; if they didn't want that as part of their association it is OK.

2. Tell the important people. I texted a few people who I trust and who know about the whole situation to let them know what decision had been made. They all made me feel better and very loved. (I have great friends!)

3. Take some ME time to sort things out before trying to be productive. When I got home, though I had a lot of work to do, I had too much to think about and that was going to prevent me from concentrating. I made myself an easy but delicious dinner while listening to my new playlist (In #4). My roomie JT and I have been on a spicy kick lately and so I made pasta with meat sauce that packed some serious heat. The mouth interprets spiciness as pain and that releases endorphins. YAY HAPPY BRAIN DRUGS!

4. Give yourself some music therapy. I made an awesome playlist of all the music I listened to while I was a between the ages of 12 and 16. For you this may be 90's boy bands, classic rock if you grew up with a dad like mine, or punk rock. But whatever it is, make a playlist that makes you happy, makes you want to sing, and reminds you of great times.

5. Weigh the goods and bads, then move on. I talked it over with my roommate and told her the good things and bad things that will come from the rejection. The point is to realize that its not all bad, but to acknowledge the things you will be missing out on. Put it all out on the table and then move on to focus on the good.

This isn't going to cure you or make everything go away. But this really helped me work through my rough time and allowed me to concentrate on studying and other important things afterward. I will continue to see people who were picked and yes it will make me a bit sad, but I have so many other great things going on in my life to be thankful for!

How do you handle rejection? Who do you call?

Having trouble concentrating because you're stressed?


  1. Ignore them! I dont know who rejected you or why, but I'm very sure its their loss. I always read what you write on here, its different to the million and one blogs out there, you dont pretend to be anything your not, and that is REFRESHING and AWESOME, because you are great as you as far as I can tell! Chin up sweet :) xxx

  2. I enjoyed your comment about using music from when you were younger. I heard Simon and Garfunkel for the first time when I was 7 or 8 and it's still my go-to music whenever I'm sad (and Snow Patrol). I AM A ROCK!


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