Wednesday, December 8

You know you're in college when...sday only have enough quarters for one load of laundry. So you put all your clothes in the washer but...its much too full. They will not get clean packed in there like that.

So I'm in the basement, kneeling in front of the washer, picking things out and deciding what can go without being washed this week and taken home to be washed in a week. What a strange life.


  1. So funny! I still do this, especially being on a budget. I hate budgeting !!! I usually wear my stuff more than once as not to have to wash them! (unless I've been rolling in the mud!)

  2. Hello beautiful! Thanks so much for reading my blog :) I actually didn't create the signature myself, I hired someone to do a redesign about six months ago and she did it for me! But here is a link that tells you how to do it--

    Before I got my blog redesigned, I actually played around with this myself, and it's not as complicated as it looks. Good luck, lovely!


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