Friday, December 10

The Questions of Textbooks

What are you planning on doing with your left over textbooks? Lending or selling them to a friend? Selling them back to the book store? Giving them to the hobo on your corner in hopes of him learning something? Sending them back to Chegg because you rented them? How about getting them for almost the same price as you bought them for because you bought them used?

I always sell my books on Amazon as opposed to using the bookstore on campus or renting them. You won't be able to sell a textbook and the same day use the money for groceries, like my roommates sometimes do at the end of the year. But you will end up getting more money for your extra effort and time put in. I would rather drive the post office to send a book and receive $75 bucks for it then sell it at the bookstore for $37. It is really easy to do too, just create an account and look up a textbook to buy. Then on the side bar of the page it will say, “Do you have this book to sell?” Click that and just follow the instructions to create a seller’s account and Whalah! Now you can make your money back. Amazon takes a small amount from the money earned for itself and you have to pay for shipping, so I try to take that into account when I’m deciding on my price. So when you get done with your finals and you never want to see your Psychological Statistics book again, don't burn it. Make some money!!

Over the break I will probably be buying my books for the new semester off amazon as well, because most of the reviews are reliable, they get to me in a timely manner, and its cheap to buy used!

How do you get your textbooks each semester? What do you when you no longer need them?

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