Wednesday, December 15

You know you're in college when...sday

You come home for christmas break and can't work any of the technology in your house. I went to turn on the tv, and there are so many buttons on the remote and a bunch of different machines under the TV that I was completely overwhelmed. There is a dvd player, tivo box, satellite box, and a separate system for the sound. Of course we can't just use the speakers on the TV for sound. No. We have to have separate speakers all in the ceiling. I guess thats what happens when your uncle who lives close by works in installing high end technology in uppity homes. We get all the perks. But the down side, when none of my siblings are home...I can't watch TV. How do you even turn on all this nonsense?

To top things off, I need to print a packing slip for a textbook I sold on Amazon, but I am going to have to wait for my little sister to get home so she can show me how to connect my computer to the damn printer.

You having any reality checks since coming home for christmas break??


  1. My goodness that's a ton of remotes! Goodluck trying to figure out them all ;) I always think it's comical how people now a days have a remote for pretty much everything. It really reflects on what kind of society we've become!

    I just want to really thank you though so much for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog! Although you hope to get tips from me, I hope to get tips from you! I'll being going off to college in a year or so and need all of the tips and tricks for college that I can get, he.

  2. btw the tv doesn't have any speakers, that's why you can't use them.


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