Friday, December 17

All that work for a sandwich

Since I don't know what kind of college advice you could need while back home, I thought I would share some of my ridiculous end of semester experiences with you. This one occurred while we were slowly running out of food and not planning on buying more because we were leaving for home in a few short days.

So there I was, searching the kitchen for something to eat for dinner, but the options were slim. In the fridge I spotted some strawberry jam and PB&J sounded like a possibility. As the search for bread began, the first loaf I pulled out had only 4 pieces left, but after checking carefully for mold, I decided it was fine to eat. 

All of a sudden something terrible happened. I saw a sugar ant crawl out of a hole in the bread and move across the first half of my planned sandwich. Of course I yelled angrily and threw out the whole bag. But never fear, I told myself, there is more bread in the pantry. Sure enough I found another bag similar the previous one immediately. It contained two heels and a few middle pieces. But this bread was stale and hard as my microeconomics final. So I tossed that in the trash as well.

Next I discovered a few stale hamburger buns and another bag of stale bread. With the trashed count at four, I was getting worried, but also more determined to eat PB&J for dinner. After some rummaging, the final bag of bread was under some uncooked noodles and bags of chips. It was pretty soft and my hopes were high for this loaf. I pulled out one piece and did the preliminary check for mold, examining one corner carefully that looked like it was beginning to get fuzzy. It seemed fine but once I had begun to unscrew the lid to the peanut butter, I yelled and startled my roommates simultaneously. There was an ant on my bread! AGAIN! I killed the ant with an angry pinch and checked the bread for any more intruders. 

It’s a good thing SH knows me so well, because she could see the look in my eye, saying that I was debating using the bread anyway. 

“Just toss it,” she asserted. Trying to talk my down. 

“Its not worth it.” She insisted again. Well my good sense returned and I grudgingly threw away the last of our bread. I wanted PB&J soooooo bad that no sooner had I dropped the bread into the trash did my creative juices kick in and I went straight to the fridge. 

I used a flour tortilla. 

Step One: Peanut Butter
Step Two: Jelly

Make sure to have good ratios
Step Three: Fold

Step Five: Cut into your favorite shape

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