Tuesday, December 14

Adjust to the New Social Setting at Home

When I got home from school, it was a bit disorienting to not constantly be around my friends/roommates, and to just be around my family or alone. I'm sure for y'all, the transition won't be as extreme as it was for me, because you all probably don't have a strange anxiety issue with being alone and like I do, but we don't need to get into that.

For those of you who are headed home soon and may have to wait for your friends to finish with school before you really start hanging out, here are a few things to think about or do in the mean time.

Find a good book to read- During the semester I never have time to read like I wish I could, so over the break this year I want to try to read a couple books.

Remember that being home is a different social setting then being at school- It may get you kind of down to not be constantly bombarded with people and distractions like when in the dorm or apartment. But remember that its ok that you don't have anyone to hang out with every waking second. It isn't because no one wants to see you, its just that people aren't constantly chillin' like back at school. People have jobs, families, and other friends to take up their time and their own homes to relax in.

Take the extra time to get unpacked and settled in- cause you are going to be home for like a month.

Find out when everyone WILL be home and plan a get together so everyone can see each other- Perhaps theme said get together and have everyone dress up.
Theme Ideas: Lady gaga, WWII, Fiesta, The Warriors, Tacky Christmas, ABC, Fancy, Adventure Time, or Karaoke and Margaritas. Just to name a few off the top of my head.

Spend some quality time with the fam- I always have trouble balancing my time between spending time with my siblings and parents and with my time with friends and working. So during this limbo when there isn't much to do, try to spend some good quality time with your familia. Go with your mom when she goes grocery shopping, challenge your younger siblings to monopoly and don't let them win, or dance in the living room to "The Yellow Rose of Texas". haha guaranteed to amuse.

What's the move home been like for you? Reading any good books this break?

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